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The Buffet

My husband swears we are running an all you can eat buffet. I am surprised he has not left me after all the sunflower seed, meal worms, suet, peanuts, and corn (for the squirrels) I have made him buy. He has shelled out even more money for bird feeders, shepherd's hooks, and bird bath heaters. He jumps out of his recliner to shoo away the squirrels, and watches helplessly as they stuff all that money into their cheek pouches before skipping back home. He attempted home made squirrel baffles and feeders that would deter grackles and starlings, but all of them failed, and he ended up shelling out more money for the expensive feeders and baffles that actually worked. This man is a saint, and all those birds and squirrels better thank their lucky stars that he loves me enough to feed them. Thank you, Jerry, for putting up with my obsession.

The Buffet's patrons are a loyal lot. They feast without shame, and sometimes carry some back home.
"Big Red", the squirrel that started it all. Even zip ties did not stop him from the suet cake!
Northern Mockingbird licking his lips and proclaiming the suet as his.
Blue Jay dining on the peanuts purchased without Jerry's knowledge.
Red-headed Woodpecker selects some suet for lunch.
"I'm just passing through", says the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
I even grow my seed! The American Goldfinches enjoy "Garden to Table" dining.
"Is there something on my bill?" asks the female Pileated Woodpecker.

The buffet is open all winter for Dark-eyed Juncos.
This White-crowned Sparrow only dined with us once, but he is welcome to return ANYTIME!
This Mourning Dove has claimed the buffet for herself. Good luck getting her to move!


  1. I am currently out of peanuts. Hope Jerry won't mind going to buy some this weekend. ;)

  2. Love all the photos! The rose-breasted grosbeak is really pretty and the mourning dove reminds me of one of our cats that sits on her food LOL!


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