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Northern Cardinals aka Red Birds

Cardinals are some of the first birds we recognize. How could you not? The males are a vibrant red, and the females are subtly elegant in their fawn colored plumage with pale red accents. Adults have bright orange bills while the juveniles have black bills. I love to watch how they quietly chatter with each other... the female will almost be scolding the male in quiet little chips and squeaks. Who doesn't like to hear the male Cardinal singing at the top of a tree each early spring? It is a sure sign that winter is almost over!
 Cardinals are quite lovely and spunky birds. One of my all time favorite feeder bird.

So Ugly They're Coot!


 I can't help it. The American Coot is one of the cutest, errrr, things I have ever seen! Round and plump with glossy black feathers and white bills. They swim around making the cutest clucking noises and when they emerge from the water... COOT FEET!They are blue-ish yellow with long lobed toes and they are out of proportion with the coot's body.

Coots can be found swimming in shallow ponds where they dive for plants, and they can be found on lawns grazing.
The local lake here in town always has a nice number of coots to oggle. I watch as they parade around on the grass, and swim around the ponds. My favorite part of watching coots is listening for their calls. It seriously adds to their cuteness: Listen Here.
They walk like chickens, swim like ducks, but look like coots and that is the only way I know how to describe them. Take the time to look at a few coots and you will see how different they are from other birds. Remember to look for the black feathers and w…

The Buffet

My husband swears we are running an all you can eat buffet. I am surprised he has not left me after all the sunflower seed, meal worms, suet, peanuts, and corn (for the squirrels) I have made him buy. He has shelled out even more money for bird feeders, shepherd's hooks, and bird bath heaters. He jumps out of his recliner to shoo away the squirrels, and watches helplessly as they stuff all that money into their cheek pouches before skipping back home. He attempted home made squirrel baffles and feeders that would deter grackles and starlings, but all of them failed, and he ended up shelling out more money for the expensive feeders and baffles that actually worked. This man is a saint, and all those birds and squirrels better thank their lucky stars that he loves me enough to feed them. Thank you, Jerry, for putting up with my obsession.

The Buffet's patrons are a loyal lot. They feast without shame, and sometimes carry some back home.