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The Mundane

You know who they are... those mundane everyday birds that make birders groan and curse. American Robins, Northern Mockingbirds, European Starlings, and Grackles are some of The Mundane, but gosh I love 'em.

We sometimes get tired of seeing "Red-breasted Yard Birds", but we forget to gripe about them in the late winter when they invade our yards. Instead of bemoaning their existence we look forward to the promise of warm days and spring. Sing, little Robin! Sing spring into being!
American Robin Male

I love Mockingbirds. Sorry, but they are one of my favorite birds. I know that breeding season is close when our resident bastards start bullying everyone from the feeders. They settle down after a week or two, and eventually the other birds will return, but until that time ALL of the food is theirs!
Northern Mockingbird
Common Grackles are annoying... they can be one step above European Starlings on the annoyance scale. Just like Starlings they will bring all of their cousins and closest friends to your backyard to feast. They make this awful sound, and look silly doing it, fluffing up their head feathers and sticking their necks out. I usually only see them at my feeders in early spring - just in time for the bastard Mockingbirds to run them off. They always have a comically serious look on their face, and their bright yellow eyes and iridescent feathers are beautiful... so I throw them something to nibble on. I can't let them starve!
Common Grackle Male

Finally- European Starlings. Wish I had better photos to share, but alas, I do not take photos of these awful birds! However, I do watch them and marvel at their winter plumage. I am fascinated by their feather's gilded edges, and the dark iridescent colors that change as they move across the ground eating everything in sight. I watch... then I get angry... then I bang on my back door to shoo them away from the feeders, scattering the other birds in the process. They only come around in herds when it is bitterly cold. While the hubby isn't looking I will throw them some corn or peanuts.
European Starlings in Winter Plumage
Not every bird can be a Snowy Owl, but they are still worth taking a look at. You might even find that you kinda like 'em!


  1. I have seen those Mockingbirds hoard an entire Crabapple tree from other birds an entire Winter before. I have also seen them demand that no one should come to a row of shrubs with wild berries and if they dared temptation the Mockingbird would take tail after them. They are lovely though and I love to hear them~

    1. They have gumption! I love to see the birds scatter when the Mockingbird flies in.


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