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Bluebirds = Happiness

We use birds to symbolize different emotions or events - the American Robin is a sign for spring, the dove is for peace, and an Eagle conveys strength. These are all very fitting, and none more so than the Bluebird of happiness. Who doesn't smile when they see a Bluebird? When I see their pretty blue feathers, and fluffy orangey-pink breast it brightens my day. Their song is even a happy one (listen to it here).

Male Eastern Bluebird

 Not too long ago the Eastern Bluebird population was in decline, but with education and conservation efforts, it has made a strong come back. Starlings and House Sparrows aggressively competed with the bluebirds for nesting sites, often killing one or both parents and destroying the eggs in the process. Bluebird boxes placed in areas with good bluebird habitat have helped them have successful nesting seasons, and the numbers have greatly improved.

You can tell the females and males apart by the brilliance of the males blue feathers, but the female is, in my opinion, a beauty in her own right. She is the pastel, watercolor version of the male.
Male Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird Female

 A few years ago at Bernheim Forest I photographed these adorable juvenile bluebirds. Their spots, fluffy underpants, and big eyes delighted me to no end. In some ways I look forward to seeing them even more than their parents.
Juvenile Eastern Bluebird with lunch.

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

Look for bluebirds in grassy areas, along tree lines, and open woods. Listen for their happy song, look for the flash of blue, and be prepared for happiness. 
Female Eastern Bluebird


  1. Wonderful as always. You are a very gifted observer, photographer and writer! Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina! Your words encourage me.


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