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Two Unicorns!

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade we read Scholastic News in Social Studies class. I was introduced to the several animals who were on the verge of extinction if something was not done immediately to increase their numbers. Manatees, American Bald Eagles, California Condors, Giant Panda, and Whooping Cranes were all discussed in the SN paper. I remember specifically the Whooping Cranes article saying that by the time I was 40 the Whooping Cranes would be extinct. I am 39 now, and spotted my first two "Whoopers" on February 1st. They took my breath away, even though the photos leave much to be desired, they can not begin to describe the way I felt watching them walk up a hill where they took off with 12 of their closest friends, Sandhill Cranes. This was a wonderful experience that I won't soon forget. God Speed, Whoopers! I pray you make it safely to your breeding grounds, that you have lots of crane sexy time, and you make and raise a beautiful baby. 
Whooping Crane walking up a hill

Two Whooping Cranes with Sandhill Cranes

This post is dedicated to Whooping Crane 4-11. She successfully raised a baby by herself after her mate was killed. Read about the reward for her here:  Reward for Whooping Crane 4-11
Read about her life here: The Short Life of Whooping Crane 4-11.