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Can You See The Greenie?

A few years ago I was walking around the little pond in our neighborhood when I heard an odd "Skeow, skeow, skeow" (click here to listen). Searching in the direction of the sound, I squinted across the pond into a large tree, and began the task of trying to determine what was hiding there. I took random photos of the tree with my iPhone, and hoped I could find the source of the sound once blown up on the computer. Can you spot the mysterious caller?

"Skeow, skeow, skeow" goes the mystery bird.
How about now? Adult Green Heron
I never did see this Green Heron until I returned home. I could not believe there was such a little heron!  How cute and funny looking... Jerry and I were determined to see him again, and this time take a better photo. Little did we know that this would be easier said than done.
Greenies lurk around the brushy edges of water, and quietly wait for a fish, frog, or some other tender nibble to swim by. Once they spot prey, they transform into an efficient dinner catching machine! Out snaps a long neck and in a heartbeat it retracts. Where did all that neck come from?
Lurking - Juvenile Green Heron

He Spotted Me! Juvenile Green Heron

The two photos above show a juvenile Green Heron. Notice the streaks on the neck, lighter greenish color, and the spots/speckles along the wings. Once they become an adult their necks will be a beautiful, dark rufous color, and have a more solid green color along the wings and back. The legs on an adult are also a bit darker in color than the juvies. There is also two examples below of 1st summer coloration, and the main difference is less streaking in the neck from the juvie, and the wings lose the spotting that the juveniles have.

1st Summer (wing feathers are "outlined" vs spotted)

1st Summer
Adult (solid rufous neck, and more solid, rich overall color)

I hope you will spot a Green Heron this summer, and if you're lucky he won't spot you first!
For more information about this neat wading bird, go to: 
I would love to hear about any birds you might find, or experiences  you might have. Feel free to comment or ask questions on any of my blog posts. Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy.


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