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American Goldfinch - My Spark Bird

  The American Goldfinch was my re-spark bird (spark bird = bird that got you into birding ). I love watching them roller coaster ride through the air, and hearing their sweet, melodic voice.
  Even in the fall when they are pale and drab they are still so beautiful, and always a welcome sight.
American Goldfinch in non-breeding plumage
 You know it is spring when they start to turn a gleaming gold color. I like to plant sunflowers and zinnias for them to eat. They will perch on the flowers and dig in for a tasty nibble or two. An easy bird to attract to your backyard with black oil sunflower seeds or nijer seed. Either one will do, and you will have these brightly colored gems singing for you, too!
American Goldfinch in breeding plumage